Lectures and other events at Moscow Theosophical Society since 2001


Meetings are held in the Library No 27 each 1st & 3rd Monday at 6 p.m.
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Objects of the Seminar

  • search for the practically available forms of brootherhood (at least to listen to each other without interruption);

  • comparative study of religions (without trying to prove that my religion is better);

  • learn the new ideas in science, religion, philosophy, art;

  • meet the people who (without snobbery and not for show) are trying to unite in themselves the belief and knowledge, science and religion, art and philosophy;

  • simply to talk with nice people.
  • All is for free.

    Date. Topic. (speaker)


    1/X. Etheric breath of erytrocites (M. Bokovaya)
    8/X. "Two Lives" by K. Antarova (discussion on book) (L. Shestakova)
    15/X. "World Rose" by D. Andreyev and the modern times (M. Sterenberg)
    22/X. Politics & Theosophy (A. Armand)
    29/X. Philosophy of sri Aurobindo (A. Shustova)
    12/XI. Science about new time (V. Mihailov)
    19/XI. Theosophy & archaic religions (S. Borisov)
    26/XI. Science as a foundation of XXI century culture (A. Sazanov)
    3/XII. Freedom & causuality in metaphysics & ethics (V. Faliov)
    17/XII. Composer Xenakis (I. Smirnova)
    24/XII. Metaecology (S. Chudov)


    1/IV. About love (L. Shestakova).
    15/IV. Theosophy in metaphysics (D. Skopin).
    20/V. Gaya, the alive Earth (A. Armand)

    14/X. One life or many lives? (A. Armand)
    28/X. Comte Saint Germaine. (O. Volodarska)
    4/XI. On Groffs "psychology of future". (G. Avrutzky)
    11/XI. Am I ready to death? Seminar. (A. Armand)
    18/XI. Twin souls. (A. Shestakova)
    25/XI. Information systems. (N. Nevessky)
    2/XII. History and meaning of Freemasonry. (K. Zaitzev)
    9/XII. Idea of Noosphere in different worldviews. (B. Rzabek)
    16/XII. 30 years of work. Misson and teaching of A. Bailey. (K. Zaitzev)
    23/XII. Composer Yavorsky. (I. Smirnova)


    20/I. Part of the authority in the theosophy. (S. Brusilovsky)
    3/II. Mercy or justice? (A. Armand)
    10/II. Seen & unseen. (S. Miluetin)
    17/II. Hidden side of lodge meetings (discussion on the article). (K. Zaitzev)
    3/III. Talks on music. (I. Smirnova)
    17/III. Cooperation in developement if complicated systems. (S. Chudov).
    24/III. Day of Teacher (E. Balashov).
    31/III. Atlantis. The new discoveries. (A. Voronin).
    7/IV. Dating, chronology, new view of Time. (Dmitrievsky)
    14/IV. Ether in esotericism & physics. (S. Borisov).
    21/IV. Evolution of monads through the animal kingdom (E. Krasina, K. Zaitzev).
    12/V. Individuality & personality (seminar)
    19/V. Music and sound combinations. (I. Smirnova)
    26/V. Season closing.
    29/IX. Season opening
    6/X. Devas and nature spirits (K. Zaitzev)
    13/X. Atlantis. More new discoveries. (A. Voronin).
    20/X. Heart. (A. Armand)
    27/X. Feng Shui (T. Bobyliova)
    3/XI. Theosophy in Ukraine and in the World. (S. Gavrilenko)
    10/XI. Evolution as understood in science, religion and theosophy (A. Armand)
    17/XI. 128th anniversary of the Theosophical Society
    24/XI. National problems of Russia (M. Sterenberg)
    1/XII. Responsibility. (A. Armand)
    8/XII. From historical to cosmic communism (A. Sazanov)
    15/XII. Esotericism & science. (A. Stepanov)
    22/XII. Krishnamurti. (V. Abgorian)
    29/XII. New year party.


    5/I. Man and woman. Philosophical aspects (G. Kuznetzova)
    12/I. History of the Freemasonry (part II). (K. Zaitzev)
    19/I. Causality & determinism in modern scientific paradygm (S. Chudov)
    26/I. Spiritual path of a theosophist (T. Sorokina)
    2/II. Philosophy of Bhagavad Gita (L. Shestakova)
    9/II. On Hyperborean theory (E. Lazarev)
    16/II. In memoriam S. I. Strizhenov (M. Strizhenova, A. Sazanov)
    15/III. Simplicity (A. Armand)
    22/III. Plato & Blavatsky (T. Novikova)
    29/III. Why XXI century music world is as it is (I. Smirnova)
    5/IV. Art and esotericism (S. Borisov)
    12/IV. From sences to intuition (I. Terehova)
    19/IV. Chirology (A. Mokulsky)
    26/IV. Presentation of the book "Path" (A. Kabanova)
    17/V. Spiritism and transcommunication (K. Zaitzev)
    24/V. Dreams (seminar)
    31/V. Season closure

    27/IX. Art in your life (A. Armand)
    4/X. HPB articles (E. Logayeva)
    18/X. Seven Rays (K. Zaitzev)
    1/XI. Tolstoi's spiritual path (A. Armand)
    15/XI. Discussion on book by M. Dale Palmer "True esoteric traditions" (U. Danilov)
    6/XII. Pasternak's spiritual path (A. Zorin)
    20/XII. Glamour (T. Sorokina)


    17/I. Man, Universe, Music (I. Smirnova)
    7/II. Mystic and religious experience (I. Monahova)
    21/II. World genome and classes of being (V. Lesin)
    21/III. M. Voloshin as a prophet in his own fatherland (A. Zorin)
    4/IV. Origins and foundations of Islam (K. Mansurova)
    18/IV. Meeting with the authors of the magazine "Miracles & adventures"
    16/V. Culture and terrorism (J. Kosova) [cancelled]
    30/V. Sufism and work of Inayat Khan (S. Moskaliov)

    3/X. Waves of symmetry in poetry and worldview of ancient China (O. Kudrevatova)
    10/X. Museum of H.P. Blavatsky in Dnepropetrovsk (ex-Yekaterinoslav), her birthplace (E. Alivanceva). 17/X. Theory and practics of modern Shamanism (T. Danilova)
    7/XI. What if matriarchate shall come tomorrow? (seminar) (A. Armand)
    21/XI. Scientific hopes (L. Alperovich)
    5/XII. General noospheric constitution of humanity (L. Gordina)
    19/XII. Social relevancy of the search of extra-terrestial civilizations (A. Sazanov)


    16/I. Milton. A lost paradise. Destiny of the poem in Russian culture (E. Chernoziomova)
    6/II. Seven solar systems. When Aquarian age shall come? (E. Strekalova)
    20/II. Meditative practices & changed states of consciousness (E. Lebedeva)
    6/III. Theosophy & poetry. (L. Volodarsky)
    20/III. Cyclic processes in nature & their influence on life. (V. Savkin)
    3/IV. Created word manifested through light. (V. Kassandrov)
    17/IV. Trimurti, three gunas & our self. (K. Zaitzev)
    15/V. Physics & metaphysics. DNA molecules. (V. Mironova)
    29/V. Hyperborea. (A. Armand)
    18/IX. A theosophist in the world of violence. (A. Armand)
    2/X. Look in the root! (N. Yakimova)
    16/X. Blavatsky - to the next generations. (E. Logaeva)
    6/XI. Curtain of the evolution can be lifted. (D. Gamsina)
    20/XI. Information systems of water. (S. Zinin)
    4/XII. Efficiency of bioenergotherapy method. (S. Kovarsky)
    18/XII. Methamorphoses of spirit. (V. Mironova)


    15/I. Evening of the classical music
    5/II. Gogol: what can be useful for the soul (I. Monahova)
    19/II. Seven solar systems, one of which is ours, and Seven Rishis of the Great Bear (E. Strekalova)
    1/III. Live theosophy. Account about 2006 T.S. Convention in Adyar (S. Gavrilenko)
    5/III. What new channeling can give to us? Discussion with adherents of "Exodus" movement
    19/III. History of the Theosophical Society in Russia (A. Strizhov)
    2/IV. Riddles of Peru (I. Terehova)
    16/IV. Flashes of Sirius which gave birth to the day gods (S. Brueshinin)
    14/V. Deva kingdom and humanity (K. Zaitzev)
    28/V. Closing seminar summarizing the first half of the year.
    17/IX. Journey to Tibet (A. Armand)
    1/X. Fractal approach to the explanation of the esoteric phenomena (V. Samohvalova)
    15/X. Verifying Evetett's theory using changed consciosness states (S. Kravchenko)
    19/X. Selection of the middle path (S. Gavrilenko)
    19/XI. From palmistry to the new chirology (V. Finogeyev)
    3/XI. A concert: the presentation of CD "Beautiful Evening" (U. Podstanitzky)
    17/XII. Psychology of spirituality (V. Kolesnikov)


    21/I. Evidences of Atlantis (A. Voronin)
    4/II. On 2007 TS Convention in Adyar (J. Kosova)
    18/II. Possibilities of the union between science and religion (F. Mavriky)
    3/III. Sinergetics and esotericism (U. Mazurin)
    17/III. Realization of the higher Self at the practice of soul service (T. Petrischevskya)
    7/IV. States of consciousness according to the theosophical teaching (K. Zaitzev)
    21/IV. Study of man's life cycles and determination of the turning point (P. Smirnov)
    5/V. Religions of the world (E. Strekalova)
    2/VI. Closing seminar summarizing the first half of the year.

    17/XI. 100 years of theosophy in Russia. Centennary meeting.
    14/XI. Discussion on Subtle world around us (J. Kosova)
    8/XII. Religion as a virtual reality. (P. Smirnov)
    15/XII. Call of the future (discussion on the article). (O. Porozhniakova)
    22/XII. Children's communes in Russia (E. Armand)
    29/XII. Personal creativity. A New Year party.


    19/I. What is theosophy and what is not? On pseudotheosophy (discussion on the article by E. Bilimoria "Harmony of teachings...") (K. Zaitzev)
    26/I. Live physics (N. Nevessky)
    2/II. Physics in search for reality (V. Zaharov)
    16/II. Time in various spiritual traditions (D. Kleopov)
    2/III. 150 years of Darwin theory (S. Chudov)
    16/III. Everettics (U. Lebedev)
    6/IV. Education in spiritual traditions (E. Logayeva)
    20/IV. Evolution of life (after the presentation made by A. Gholap) (K. Zaitzev)
    18/V. Mediators, mediums, channelers (L. Volodarsky)
    21/IX. Semantics of Fire in rites of India and in Agni-yoga teaching (L. Krivich)
    5/X. Modern view of the physical world (P. Polischuk)
    19/X. Theosophy for atheists and believers (E. Logayeva)
    2/XI. Theosophy in USSR and Russia (A. Strizhov)
    23/XI. Blavatsky and modern biology (E. Terioshina)
    7/XII. Spirit and spirituality (A. Stepanov)


    18/I. Trans-surfing of reality (A. Dvoichenkov)
    1/II. Relation if male and female principles from the point of view of Indian culture and esotericism (L. Krivich)
    15/II. Four elements and nutrition of man. (E. Terioshina)
    1/III. Mutual nearing of worlds. (J. Kosova)
    15/III. Masters and their influence in literature. (L. Volodarsky)
    29/III. Pythagore's harmony of spheres. History and modern times. (V. Kuzmin)
    12/IV. Why time flows. (A. Levich)
    26/IV. Science-religion synthesis. Days of creation from scientific point of view. (E. Biktashev)
    17/V. Ununderstood Plato. Philosophy of Blavatsky as a hermeneutic key to Platonic philosophy. (T. Novikova)
    24/V. Will to good. Mossion of the Goodwill. (T. Petrischevskaya)
    31/V. Humor of H.P. Blavatsky (E. Logayeva)
    13/IX. Agni Yoga and Blavatsky (L. Krivich)
    11/X. Symbiosis of contrasts from Willy Melnikov (W. Melnikov)
    25/X. Brahman of ancient India: borders beetween the mythical-poetical and the philosophycal (S. Boroday)
    15/XI. Alice Bailey and Blavatsky (T. Petrischevskaya)
    27/XII. Avantguarde and architecture of consciousness (S. Zhemaitis)

    Topics of the discussion club "Key to Theosophy", 2010:

    1. General principles of theosophy. Oneness of spirit and matter. One life. Seven planes of being. Which proofs exist. Methods of knowledge in theosophy.
    2. Structure of man. Dreams. Life after death. Is communication with the dead possible? Who are the mediums.
    3. Karma and reincarnation. Why the good people suffer while the evil ones prosper? Where's justice? Devachan. Coming into the new incarnation.
    4. Evolution of life. Kingdoms of Nature. Path of human evolution. Who are mahatmas. Brotherhood as a fact of Nature.
    5. Logos and its manifestation. Solar system. Planetary logoi. Planetary chains. Is there a rationale of astrology?
    6. Other forms of life. Devas and nature spirits.
    7. The Self and the one life. Nirvane and liberation. Free will or predestination?

    Literature to the topics:

    Blavatsky. Key to theosophy.
    Pavri. Theosophy explained in questions and answers.
    Besant. The Ancient wisdom.
    Hoskins. Foundation of esoteric philosophy.
    Rogers. Hints to the young occultists.
    Audoin. On knowing oneself.
    Leadbeater. The hidden side of things.

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